Best Portable Monitor for MacBook Pro and Air - Why CopGain P1M

Best Portable Monitor for MacBook Pro and Air - Why CopGain P1M

If you are looking for a portable monitor to enhance your productivity and entertainment with your MacBook, you might be overwhelmed by the choices available in the market. Portable Monitor For Laptop has become increasingly popular since 2017, thanks to the rising demand for better viewing quality, higher resolution screens, and more flexible work and learning environments. 

According to the computer monitor best seller rank on Amazon, 13 out of 50 are portable monitors. This shows a huge shift in the market demand. However, not all portable monitors are created equal, especially when it comes to compatibility and convenience with MacBook. That’s why I want to introduce you to the Best Laptop Screen Extender for MacBook Pro/Air - CopGain P1M, a device that is designed specifically for MacBook users. Don’t worry, I’m not here to brag about P1M, just to share some information and insights about why we created the P1M and how it can solve some common problems that MacBook users face.


Computer Monitor List on Amazon including portable monitor - Top 50


No Need for a Portable Monitor Stand

Most portable monitors on Amazon come with a folio case or a “smart case” that can act as a stand. However, these cases are often flimsy and unstable, and they cannot provide an eye-level view that prevents neck strain. Therefore, many customers end up buying a separate portable monitor stand. But what if you already have a laptop stand? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a portable monitor that can attach directly to your MacBook and adjust to your preferred angle? That’s exactly what the CopGain P1M can do.

portable monitor for MacBook


portable monitor for macbook


Best Portable Monitor for MacBook? The integrity is why

There are mainly 3 elements you should consider regarding the portable monitor. 

  • The form & attachment
  • Connectivity - Compatibility & Cable
  • Tech Specs

We invested a lot of time & money in this dedicated field of best portable monitor for MacBook. So CopGain P1M came out and we optimized it regarding the 3 main elements.

The form & attachment

We designed a new form for Portable Monitor - CopGain P1M. I would name it “Super Ultra Dedicated Portable Monitor for MacBook” if my boss and branding team authorize me the right.


The P1M has two ways to attach to your MacBook -

One is by snapping it on and off like a phone/iPad/laptop case.

The other is by using the optional adhesive. The P1M comes with dozens of nano adhesives in the package. They are made of nano paste material that leaves no residue behind. You can choose to apply four adhesives for a secure attachment.

Connectivity - Compatibility & Cable

One of the advantages of MacBook is that it always has the thunderbolt port now that allows you to use a single cable for power and signal. The P1M has a built-in Type-C cable hidden in the body. When you want to use it, just plug and play. You don’t need to carry extra cables, adapters, or chargers in your backpack when you work on the go. The P1M is also compatible with all Mac OS and HiDPI scaling, so you don’t have to worry about any display issues. Moreover, the P1M has four models for 13.3’‘, 13.6’‘, 14’‘, and 16’’ MacBook, so you can choose the one that fits your laptop size.

Tech Specs


Screen Size    12'' / 14''(for 16'' MacBook)
Panel    IPS
Brightness    300 nit
Ratio    16:9
Contrast    1000:1
Resolution    Full  HD 1920*1080
Weight    1.87 lbs
HiDPI Support    Yes



What Makes It Unique?

As I mentioned above, besides the integration and the new form factor, the most unique feature of the P1M is the design and the feeling. The feeling of being able to use it anywhere and set it up easily even on the sofa. The feeling of forgetting about packing up the cable, stand, and case. The feeling of saving a lot of time for your daily work routine.


CopGain P1M Portable Monitor

Reviews From Youtubers

We invited Youtubers/ Tech Media websites worldwide for dedicated reviews and more videos will be coming soon. Talk is cheap, show the review. 




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