CopGain H3: The Stream Dock & Hub that Gets More Stuff Done

8-in-1 Visual Macro Keyboard Hub | Full-Featured
Interface | Customize One-Key Application Triggering | Intuitive Touch Control

Main Features

Seamless Workflow with Macro Keys

CopGain H3 streamlines various tasks like live streaming, gaming, shadow editing, graphic processing, and software programming. Create macro keys for seamless operations and eliminate lengthy processes.

A macro keyboard can accomplish specific tasks by triggering pre-set commands or functions with a single key press, simplifying complex operations.

Setting specific shortcuts or macros for gaming actions to improve
gaming speed and accuracy.

Setting shortcuts for video clipping, audio adjustments, adding effects
to expedite the editing process.

For graphic processing, adjust images, apply filters, change layers, etc.,

Setting custom shortcuts for code editors to accelerate coding and
debugging processes.

Interact, Visualize… and Impress

Embedding a 3.5-inch IPS touchscreen, CopGain H3
offers much greater interactivity and on-screen customization of tasks and options.

 Always Upgraded

Plugins enable quick setup of your apps with CopGain H3 in no time. CopGain H3 will never be outdated because it supports a variety of plugins and optimized online upgrade updates.

12 Customizable Icon Buttons, Infinite Possibilities

CopGain H3 boasts 12 fully customizable buttons, enabling seamless setup of various macro keyboard functions. From daily tasks to gaming and complex work, one-click activation simplifies and accelerates operations.


The Connecting Hub: The Miracle of Expanded Connectivity

CopGain H3 serves as a versatile connecting hub, offering advanced video expansion with support for 4K 30Hz output and dual display modes. It features two high-speed USB 3.0 ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port for stable connections, and an SD/TF slot for fast data transfers. Additionally, the Type-C PD supports up to 100W charging for your devices.

Exclusive Macbook Touchbar Plugin

CopGain H3 offers a dedicated plugin for Macbook Touch Bar, allowing you to seamlessly continue your familiar workflow.

Do More, DeCluttering

Declutter your workspace, promote productivity and a rewarding work experience. This multifunctional keyboard supports all your computing needs in one ultra-compact device, ensuring clear and efficient work processes for enhanced focus and creativity.