CopGain 14 Inch Dual Screen Laptop S1 Portable Monitor Plug and Play

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CopGain S1 Laptop Screen Extension 14 Inch Portable Monitor Dual Screen

Upgraded 14'' Large Screen Design & 180° Wide Viewing Angel

CopGain 14 Inch Dual Screen Laptop S1

Simplified Extension Design

Easily attach the CopGain 14'' dual screen laptop S1 to your laptop using its user-friendly design. The adaptable bracket ensures the stability and protection of your laptop screen by securely holding it in position.

Super Slim & Portable than Triple

The 14 inch portable monitor S1 allows you to easily set up your personal workstation at any time and anywhere. It's ideal for tasks such as analyzing, programming, designing, editing, and more.



14 Inches

Full HD / 1920*1080P


16 : 9

300 nit (adjustable)


2 Full-Featured Type-C, 1 Display Signal Type-C

Plug and Play (No-Need Driver)

Item Weight

2.33 pounds

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jason Lin
So easy to access.

A wonderful tool with great quality and is easy to access. I only use it while I'm traveling, so convenient to carry around.

Alice Li
Overall a great product, but I got some ideas for improvement

Leaving a product review isn't something I do often, but when I stumbled upon this portable external screen while browsing Amazon's selection of 3C products, I felt compelled to share my thoughts. As someone who frequently travels for work, I often find myself missing the convenience of an external screen when using my work laptop in a hotel room.In general, this product is great - a brilliant idea that addresses my needs. I bought the 14-inch one so it works with both my work (13") and personal MBP (14"). As you can see from figures 1 and 2, it looks good with both devices. While the product description suggests it doesn't work with Apple silicon M1 or M2, I was surprised to find it fully functional with my M1 MBP. I can't vouch for its compatibility with M2 though.Setting up the screen is straightforward with just one usb-c cable (see Figure 5). USB-A and HDMI options are also available with separate cables. Attaching it to my laptop screen is simple with the soft rubber (or silicon) clips that securely hold it in place without any risk of damaging the laptop screen. These clips feel sturdy and reliable.Now, let's talk about the screen's quality, particularly its resolution and refresh rate. It's 1080p resolution, which, while not crystal clear as my 2K and 4K displays at home, delivers more than acceptable results. In Figure 3 and 4, you can compare the retina display of the MacBook Pro with the S1 screen.However, I do have suggestions and ideas for product improvements. For instance, the alignment of the screen with the laptop screen could be more precise, especially for those who are picky. When using the top clip, the screen tends to sit slightly higher than the laptop (as shown in Figure 6).Another potential enhancement could be adding a support footing at the rear end of the screen. This would be really useful when opening the laptop at a wider angle, as it would prevent the entire weight of the screen from resting on the laptop screen itself (as shown in Figure 7).Lastly, the package is secure while not over-packaging. The included handbag has a side pocket to store the cable. It could be a bit heavy when placed in a backpack with a laptop, but I'd be gladly to leave it in my carry-on luggage.I'd be very interested to see the next generation of this product with the improvements, if any.

Amazing product, saved my time!

Its such a helpful tool and amazing product when Im away from my home office and during travel. I dont always use my laptop during travel but I need to take care some spreadsheets work when Im away from my home office. The extra display screen actually save my time and reduced my mistakes. It is so portable and no more moving my desktop monitor to the hotel anymore [Grin]