New Portable Touchscreen Monitor KX - Unleash Your Productivity

New Portable Touchscreen Monitor KX - Unleash Your Productivity

Guess what? We have something truly game-changing in store for you! Introducing our latest innovation: the 15.6" portable touchscreen monitor works with Android, Mac, and Windows and it can act as a stand-alone monitor or as an expanded screen. It can also be used as a keyboard that supports nine languages. And the best part? You can have all these incredible features for an unbelievable price of just $199! 

This article will unveil the upgrades of our new portable touchscreen monitor, highlighting its distinctive advantages compared to other portable monitors.

What Makes Our Portable Touchscreen Monitor Stand Out? 

A. Removable Rotating Stand for Flexible Angle & Height

With its folding and rotating stand, this remarkable portable touchscreen monitor — KX offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to explore multiple angles, and rotate the screen to a position that better suits your requirements.

No longer bound by a fixed position, you have the power to switch between landscape and portrait views at will. Whether you’re engrossed in a widescreen movie or working on a lengthy document, you can easily rotate the screen to match your content, providing you with a truly immersive and customized viewing experience.

B. 10-Finger Touchscreen Magic

The KX features 10-point touchscreen technology for Windows and single-point touchscreen technology for MAC. With 10-finger touch functionality, you have the power to engage all your fingers simultaneously, you can effortlessly zoom in, zoom out, rotate, swipe, and tap with precision.

C. UI 98-Key Touch Keyboard With Multilingual Support

Touchscreen portable monitor KX not only can be used as a monitor but also can be used with the built-in UI 98-Key touch keyboard with 9 languages, which let you easily switch between English, German, Arabic, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Portugues, and Swedish. 

Please remember to pop out the two sets of mini stands which are at the back of the KX monitor as a keyboard function.

D. Durability & Aesthetics: The Aluminum Alloy Advantage

Different from the traditional touchscreen portable expansion screen, this KX shell is here to redefine your expectations with its fully upgraded aluminum design that exudes sophistication and durability. 

While it does weigh 1.78 KG, which may not make it the most suitable option for everyday carry, its exceptional setup simplicity compensates for this drawback. With its plug-and-play functionality and a built-in stand, you can effortlessly take it on trips and continue to enjoy its remarkable features wherever you go.

E. Enhanced Multi-Functional Interface

One of the impressive features of the portable touchscreen monitor boasts an impressive array of features, its inclusion of four Type-C ports. Which provides unparalleled versatility and convenience for all your connectivity and charging needs.

  • One full-function TYPE-C interface lets you transfer files, transmit video and audio and charge your device.
  • Two 3.1 TYPE-C Interfaces and both of them are OTG Expansion Connectors, enabling seamless connectivity with external devices.
  • One Type-C PD3.0 60W for Fast Charging, ensuring that your devices are powered up swiftly and efficiently.

Unlocking Possibilities: Applications and Use Cases 

A. Productivity on the Go

CopGain portable touchscreen monitor revolutionizes productivity on the go, seamlessly transforming laptops into powerful mobile workstations.

With this innovative device, professionals can unlock a world of possibilities. By extending their screen real estate, they gain valuable visual space to work on complex projects, multitask efficiently, and analyze data with precision. The touch-based interactions provide a natural and intuitive experience, allowing users to navigate through documents, design interfaces, and annotate with ease.

With our portable touchscreen monitor, professionals can unleash their creativity and enhance their productivity wherever they are, taking their work to new heights.

B. Gaming and Entertainment Upgrade

It goes beyond the conventional compatibility with laptops, PCs, and MacBooks, extending its reach to include mobile phones, tablets, Ps5/Ps4, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch. With such versatility, users can effortlessly initiate screen projection by simply connecting their preferred device using the full-function Type-C cable.

This seamless connectivity empowers individuals to enjoy an immersive gaming and entertainment experience across a wide range of platforms, ensuring they can indulge in their favorite activities wherever they are.

C. Collaborative Presentations and Creative Projects

By harnessing its 10-point touch feature, users can effortlessly engage with their content, taking presentations to a whole new level. The intuitive touch interface empowers presenters to interact directly with visuals, making their ideas come alive with seamless gestures and annotations.

Moreover, these touch-enabled capabilities extend beyond presentations, revolutionizing creative workflows. Artists, designers, and creators can now easily manipulate their work with a simple touch, fostering a more immersive and efficient creative process. This touchscreen portable monitor truly exemplifies the fusion of collaboration and creativity, inspiring individuals and teams to push boundaries and unlock their full potential.

Affordable Innovation: The Value Proposition

The variety of touchscreen monitors available on Amazon is vast and diverse. When looking for a standard-level monitor with features like a 60Hz refresh rate, 1920x1080 Full HD resolution, an IPS screen, and built-in speakers, you can expect to pay at least $199. 

However, our innovative portable touchscreen monitor, the KX, goes above and beyond these standard features. With the addition of 10-Point Touch functionality, a removable rotating built-in stand for optimal viewing angles, a sleek UI 98-key touch keyboard, and a durable aluminum alloy shell, the remarkable aspect is that it is priced at just $199 now.

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CopGain 15.6" portable touchscreen monitor, our latest innovation, is set to revolutionize the way you interact with your devices. What truly sets this touchscreen monitor apart is its incredible value, as it delivers all these remarkable features at an astonishingly affordable price of just $199. With its game-changing capabilities and unbeatable price point, our new portable touchscreen monitor stands as a true game-changer in the realm of best portable monitor for laptop.


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